[Bf-committers] User-defined Material Properties

Greg MacDonald gtmacdonald at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 00:43:43 CEST 2005

> > For what I've gathered thus far, viewing and editing of generic
> > properties that are categorized will eliminate the need for scripts to
> > draw buttons and panels directly. So the only thing that's
> > left for UI is python access to menus? Would everyone agree with that?
> The Scripts window would still be necessary for scripts with large or
> simply different gui's, mixed with 2d / 3d (textured) geometry, blocks
> of text, etc. And anyway, the needs of scripts don't necessarily fit the
> properties model, unless a general enough model is introduced. Some
> options are related to the script itself (parameters to functions inside
> it, for example), not to any other object in Blender.
> So, the BPython API can benefit a lot from more general support of
> properties, but that wouldn't eliminate the usefulness of drawing
> buttons in the Scripts window.

 Ah, I had never considered removing the scripts window. I should've been
clearer. But I agree that we shouldn't remove the scripts window, for
backwards compatiblity. Things that don't apply to objects though could be
placed off of the world context... I think for most things people won't need
to create gui elements in the scripts window if we do this right.
 I was talking about the ability for python to create individual gui
elements like a new context button with an icon, then a new panel, then a
new button inside the panel. I was asking if this functionality is needed
with categorized general properties. I'm thinking not.
 Maybe each new category could produce a new panel with the category name
where appropriate. Making it not obvious to the user that the python
additions aren't just part of blender's normal interface.
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