[Bf-committers] test suite results (includes zr test files)

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 00:27:34 CEST 2005

Here are the test suite results - I've mentioned if a file requests a
render, but doesn't include a sample image


arealight - good
bowl - good
camera - good (add ESCKEY directions)
character_armature_close - need directions
character_no_armature_close - need directions
CtrlObject - 2nd layer object only one piece of aperature moves ******BUG
cubesphere - good
decimate_error - need directions
deformtest - ok
displace - inverted displacement map
dolphin - ok
dupliverts - ok
flippedmatrixes - ok
flockofbirds - clipped bird when loop restarts? (present in 2.37a)
font_family_dupli - needs directions
glass - directory tmp exists but not vase, the tmp files created don't
have a file extension
hairball - good
halostep - good
knight - alt-shift-a in non 3d windows are drastically slower than
alt-shift-a in 3d window
landscape_no_shadow2 - no directions
landscape_no_shadow - no directions
landscape_notex_autosmooth - no directions
landscape_notex_smooth - no directions
landscape_notex_smooth_simple_subsurf - no directions
lostride - render seems odd tiling and flickers, but works (same as in 2.37a)
lots_of_modifiers - no directions
luxo - good (no render sample for comparison)
mirror_plus_subsurf_test - no directions
mirror_texture - good
monkey_cornelius - good
motionblender - armature moves without body if alt-shift-a - BUG
motor9 - osa is on by default - should it be off (implied by directions) good
only_wire_subsurf - no directions
particles - no directions
particles_rt - wrong named file (is a regular animation??)
particles_simpler - no directions
particles_softbody_armature - no directions
particles_with_mat - ok
pathJumper - good
raptor - ok - no sample image
raptor_radio_ray_env - renders good, console IKA errors
refract_monkey - good
relative - what is the painting supposed to accomplish?
robo - no sample image
robo_ao - render seems to have more black than test image
rt - no sample image
sequence - no sample image
simple_mblur - appears to be wrong file
spec_cube_test - no directions, no sample image
tapercurve - good
teapot - good
teapot_soft - no sample image
texspace_with_key - no directions
wind_soft - no directions
windows_tra_shadow - good

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