[Bf-committers] Re: Internal renderer question (help)

Trevor McDonell tmcdonell at vislab.usyd.edu.au
Wed Oct 12 05:21:12 CEST 2005

>>Since this is all distributed memory stuff, I need to broadcast the scene 
>>data and such to all the nodes. So could anyone point me to which 
>>structs/variables/etc. I should be sending.
> All relevant data for a render should be pointed to by the various
> stuff in G.scene (it's not all contained in there, though, it's
> mostly just pointers to other locations).
> For example, objects are stored in a linked list starting with
> G.scene->base.first (base->object would be each object).
> These questions can be answered pretty easily though by looking
> in convertBlenderScene.c ... init_render_object, for example,
> and the place where it gets called, RE_rotateBlenderScene (rotate
> really means "init" :))

I'm still very new to blender, and haven't quite gotten on top of the 
code, so a few more questions if I may...

Objects seem to have dependency information, object->parent and such, 
(with future reference to the dependency graph I hear is being worked 
on). So to what extent does blender depend on this being intact, or can 
it be rebuilt if if I manage to just send the raw object->data (etc), 
and append them to the list of objects ( using BLI_addtail(...), yes?)

Additionally, could you give me a few more tips as to the sizes of these 
arrays, which I assume will be stored as part of the Object struct?

Thanks again


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