[Bf-committers] some notes about new armatures

Pino jojospino at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 11 21:10:15 CEST 2005

Hi, first of all I introduce myself.My name is Giuseppe Canino and I work in Milan as a 3d artist.I have good experience with maya,xsi and Blender( i use it from the old 1.68,is a really great program).
in MHO the refactoring of the animation system is really good,but there are some minor issues.
The new dag seems not to work correctly with constraint.I try a strechy arm setup for a rig and there is some lag (the same thing happens if I mix ipodrivers(great feature,thank you Ton) and python to control objects transformations.
Another problem(in MHO a big problem)is the difference between rest pose and animation pose.The 2 things should be related in some way,I was able to replicate an ikhandle setup(speaking in maya therminology) with the follow path constraint,but the skinning is done in rest pose and there is no way to syncronize it( except manually)  with the animation constrainted pose,a function that can transform the rest pose into the pose created by the constraints could be very important for setups(I'm not a coder,I can't resolve the problem myself).
Sorry if this is not the right place to speak about this,but it seems to me that really few people tries medium-advanced setup in blender and, as a consequence, some problems arising only in extreme situations cannot be found and analyzed.
Sorry for my bad english.
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