[Bf-committers] Re: Pre-release freeze! Use bullet AND sumo ?

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Tue Oct 11 20:09:06 CEST 2005


It would be great if we can release Bullet in the coming release, even 
though is is preliminary. It can co-exist with SUMO/Solid etc. I can provide 
some demo/tutorial for a 2.4 release. I haven't had the time for a couple of 
weeks, because I made a move from London to California. However I hope to 
continue some Blender/Bullet development soon. 

I propose a small change in projectfiles, Makfiles and SCons files.
Basically removing all use_bullet / NAN_USE_BULLET, and always use bullet if 
the gameengine used. 

Can someone help with this ? 


PS: I think that either the Makefile or Scons might be setup at the moment 
that USE_SUMO_SOLID and NAN_USE_BULLET are mutual exclusive, and this 
prevents to release both at the same time... 

Ton Roosendaal writes: 

> Hi, 
> Today is freeze for testing only, commits allowed for only the bugfixes  
> you urgently need.
> I will go over the feedback on the regression this afternoon, and  commit 
> the release upgrade, and ask the Orange artist to quickly hack a  temporal 
> splash (with prerelease warning). 
> Later, 
> -Ton- 
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