[Bf-committers] current CVS test suite on Os X tiger (+Windows)

Andrea Weikert andrea at aweikert.de
Mon Oct 10 21:00:37 CEST 2005

I have just run the 2.37a testsuite with a self compiled cvs from today 18:30.
with the following results:

1. CtrlObject.blend: On Layer 2 not all parts move (confirms the finding below)
2. displace.blend: Displacement in the image looks inverted. runs ok with 2.37a
3. glass.blend: highlights on the opening (inside of the back side) don't show
on F12
4. Raptor_radio_ray_env.blend: warning confirmed
5. refract_monkey.blend: image is different. (refraction of the eye above
instead below the eye. Nose is different too. (lukep confimed that this was a
bug in 2.37 that was removed, so this is just a reminder that the reference
image in the testsuite should be updated.)

Oh yes, before I forget it, the test were run under WindowsXP, compiled with
VC++7.1 (same as VisualStudio Toolkit 2003) and the VC++ project files.

Otherwise the tests went fine, no crashes :)

--- Andrea Weikert (Elubie)

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Subject: [Bf-committers] current CVS test suite on Os X tiger

> here are the results of applying the 2.34 test suite on current CVS :
> - text object in edit mode
> - armature test : alt-A dont move the wings
> - bpymodule : error in test camera, test curve
> -ctrlobject layer 2 object fails
> -warning opening rapto_radio_ray
> others go fine.
> Player is broken on several files (mostly with sound)
> Of course we need test for new features
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