[Bf-committers] meeting notes oct 9th 2005

antont at kyperjokki.fi antont at kyperjokki.fi
Sun Oct 9 17:41:17 CEST 2005

copy-pasted and cleaned a bit from 

1 status 
1.1 general: bugs, patches
1.2 remaining soc moveovers
1.3 py api
1.4 game engine
1.5 Ton's ipo/action/nla refactor
2 pre-release plan
3 wikis
4 testing: regression files for new features


==general: bugs, patches==

current status is not terrible. we can do a first pre-release.

==remaining soc moveovers==

Alexander Ewering will merge the new Booleans soon, and ffmpeg is coming too.

Timothy Wakeham is cleaning up Python textures for merging this week too.

==py api==

new Armature is still not in, Mesh is. DAG work still to be done.

==game engine==

No news. Armatures are yet to be modified to work with the new system.

==Ton's ipo/action/nla refactor==

He's working on it right now, we may see a commit soon. Also postponing after 
first pre-release is possible.

=pre-release plan=

Updating new things is allowed till tomorrow, i.e. still on Monday the 10th. 
Tuesday is a 1 day freeze, for doing regression tests and committing only 
bugfixes that are known to work fine. Binaries will be posted on wednesday, 
before the conference starts. This will be Blender 2.40 alpha 1 (technically 
vernum 2.39?). We must document well the known unfinished/buggy areas, and 
upcoming postponed features.

Next week, after the conference, we can aim for another pre-release. This 
alpha2 will then include things that don't make it to the first one, like the 
new UI, booleans, pytex etc. How do deal with the vernum then, as the system 
does not allow for 2.391, 2.392 etc?


The documentation team has started to use Mediawiki, and with the security 
problems in TWiki, it seems to make sense to move the development wiki to 
mediawiki too. The transfer of content is on the way: images have been 
transferred with a script already, and people are working on the conversion 
of text.

Mediawiki is now on-line at mediawiki.blender.org but will probably be as 
wiki.blender.org when is ready to be published (which i hope happens within 
days now).

=testing: regression files for new features=

- Armatures: Ton will add tests to the suite

- Drivers: Bassam's demo?

module owners / contributors: please send in test files for new features. 
we'll put the new test suite well visible with the pre-release.

for getting more automated tests, Daniel Dunbar has worked with PIL for 
rendering tests, and Martin Poirier has a BPY testing module.


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