[Bf-committers] An Orange Related Question.

Jean-Luc Peurière jlp at nerim.net
Tue Oct 4 23:19:17 CEST 2005

Le 4 oct. 05 à 22:54, Elam Daly a écrit :

> Howdy,
> I've been following the Orange project over at orange.blender.org  
> and noticed that some of the posts involve new or modified features  
> that aren't 'announced' on this list, although they have been  
> announced in the past as part of overall design changes for the  
> upcoming release of a new version of Blender.  I was under the  
> impression that any code changes made to the CVS tree are also sent  
> to the mailing list, with the 'CVS:Commit' subject lines.
> Are any new features that are to be implemented for the next  
> release not always announced then?  Is it just a matter of checking  
> out the latest CVS and taking it for a drive?

Hmm. Orange is also the bed test for the features they need for the  
short film. And our main coder is the producer.

Which mean they have the preview of such features even before it is  
in CVS. And so far, what they spoke of has been added to the CVS the  
same or the following days.

But what will be released is in CVS and is announced in commits  
messages. However there is so much of them, it is easy to miss one ;).


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