[Bf-committers] T3 UI migration

trip somewhere trip0o at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 04:46:02 CET 2005

It's not that I think Ton and Matt will make a bad interface. But I
can't say that they wont either. I just think they have a lot of
pressure on their heads for this, and that whatever they give us means
it will have to stick for a while cause the constant changeing of the
ui is scareing away some highend users. And through the current users
for a loop when we saw the the style that we have now.

Just take pride in that we users stay for a reason and use the
software for a reason. But the gui is not one of them :P, and that
please look everywhere you can look and read most of the good posts
for the subject, and dont just think that one method is best..

> I think user input is taken seriously to a point. Just because you are an
> artist, does not mean you can design a better paintbrush. If the "users" of
> my network had their way, we would not have usernames/passwords, they would
> all share 1 folder on the network where everyone put all their documents and
> they would never have to log off their computers. So yes sometimes the
> people behind the scenes have to ignore a certain level of "user" input.

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