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Jean-Luc Peurière jlp at nerim.net
Fri Nov 25 11:42:48 CET 2005

Le 25 nov. 05 à 10:47, Jonathan Merritt a écrit :

> This is a valid point, but the more important question is:
>    "So, we check for NULL, and then do... ?   What, exactly?"
> IMHO, a NULL return should typically be handled at a high level by  
> the malloc() wrapper.  I mean, what can Blender *do* if it can't  
> access any more memory?  Some suggestions:
>    1. Empty caches, and then try again.
>    2. Give up, try to save and quit (storing a "run out of memory"  
> flag in the memory manager to prevent recursion).
>    3. (...)?
> These things should surely be implemented in a high-level memory  
> manager, not peppered throughout the code in every function that  
> allocates memory.  Does anyone disagree?

hmm. on all current systems, when malloc fails, it means you have run  
out of *BOTH* physical and swap memory.

At this point the system is likely unusable because locked in a swap  
freenzy. you can recover from that only by killing the app

trying to save data is an open door for corruption of them.

Now, a smart strategy of clearing caches and such would be useful  
when running out of physical memory (no swap involved) but that is
an entirely different problem

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