[Bf-committers] speeding up collision detection for softbodies WIP

bjornmose bjornmose at gmx.net
Thu Nov 24 00:02:27 CET 2005

Hi All .. ton
so this is what i came up till now -->
estimated/measured speed up 10x

http://www.wund.homepage.t-online.de/hidden/softbody.c (complete file 
for easy reading )

abusing 'sumohandle' to have a pointer on 'ob' level
points to cached and preprocessed data as:
1. verts already in 'global' coords --> saving loads of matrix 
2. a 'global' aligned bounding box on 'ob' level; say we only need to 
clip x,y,z in global world
3. similar 'global' aligned bounding box on face level

resulting in simple 'is in [min,max] [x,y,z]' checks on each level 
before ever going to calulating details.

jens ole
P.S. ton can you review that for predictable 'surprises' ?

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