[Bf-committers] RE: New 'merge tools' patch submitted to the patch tracker.

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 19:15:33 CET 2005


it is probably too late in the release cycle to include for this
release (we were in feature freeze prior to your patch submittal), the
only thing that is/was really 'allowed' to be committed this week are
the UI update, python API, scripts, and bug fixes - ie stuff we had
set as a goal for release.  I've looked at the code, and a few others
have glanced over it, but the maintainer of that code section hasn't
had time yet.  You might want to seperate it into two patches - one on
the code that depends on the struct change and one on the code that
does not.


> Anyway, I think the patch is still unnasigned in the
> patcch tracker. Not to be a pain but is there any way
> to get this actually looked at and considered for
> commital? Mind you, I'm not entirely sure what to
> expect from this whole process, so if I need to just
> be patient, say so ;)
> Cheers
> Geoffrey Bantle

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