[Bf-committers] libtiff, png not loading.

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Wed Nov 23 17:16:29 CET 2005

- Problem isnt todo with png spesificly, but about half of the images Im 
trying to load into blender do nothing.

Campbell Barton wrote:
> With the recent libtiff addition- updated my makefiles and scons 
> scripts. (10min ago)
> and png images wont load. no errors, but opening or replacing with a 
> PNG image just does nothing (as if cancel was pressed)
> - Cam
> Jean-Luc Peurière wrote:
>> Le 23 nov. 05 à 14:47, Kent Mein a écrit :
>>> I'm not trying to defend myself here.  I could have/should have at
>>> least tried to get scons working with it.
>>> I was not however aware there was one official build system. 
>>> I thought we were supporting multiple build systems. 
>>> I may be a bit unconservative in what I think should be committed to 
>>> cvs...
>>> But, I think its unreasonable to expect code that adds new 
>>> dependencies,
>>> to build out of the box right away on every platform, the way things 
>>> are
>>> setup currently. 
>>> I also think its unreasonable to expect developers to make sure it 
>>> builds
>>> on every build system.  The reason I bring this up is, the section of
>>> code I'm in charge of is very prone to this issue, and I'm sure this 
>>> will
>>> come up again once I have the new makefiles finished.  (It's a bigger
>>> project and I'm putting a lot more effort into makeing sure things are
>>> as close to working on all systems as possible.)
>> Not accusing you either. it is just that this commit came up a bit of 
>> the blue,
>> i dont remember this having been discussed in the previous meetings.
>> Afaik, we have 2 official builds systems (makefiles & scons) and imho 
>> at least
>> those should work on the committer platform (at least created if not 
>> tested).
>> Then, platform managers can take care of adapting to their needs. 
>> Other build systems are provided as convenience only and their 
>> maintener will update.
>> For the rest, we are near release, and the package point is of 
>> interest. As the Os X manager, i find this commit indeed useful for 
>> unices, but fear the number of support requests this will introduce 
>> on Os X and/or
>> windows if we leave it in this state.
>> ffmpeg was delayed to 2.41 partly for the same reason, useful for 
>> unices,
>> but status problematic for others
>> lukep
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