[Bf-committers] Re: [Bf-blender-cvs] libtiff comments

Kent Mein mein at cs.umn.edu
Wed Nov 23 14:47:50 CET 2005

In reply to Jean-Luc Peurière (jlp at nerim.net):
> >In reply to Kent Mein (mein at cs.umn.edu):
> This commit make me rise some remarks :
> - make build works now for Os X.
> - Scons build is broken. it is also official build system.

I'm not trying to defend myself here.  I could have/should have at
least tried to get scons working with it.

I was not however aware there was one official build system.  
I thought we were supporting multiple build systems.  

I may be a bit unconservative in what I think should be committed to cvs...
But, I think its unreasonable to expect code that adds new dependencies,
to build out of the box right away on every platform, the way things are
setup currently.  
I also think its unreasonable to expect developers to make sure it builds 
on every build system.  The reason I bring this up is, the section of
code I'm in charge of is very prone to this issue, and I'm sure this will
come up again once I have the new makefiles finished.  (It's a bigger
project and I'm putting a lot more effort into makeing sure things are
as close to working on all systems as possible.)

Having said that, if people in general think I'm wrong about this issue.
Then what I think we need to change the development infrastructure
a little bit.

Currently the way things are setup in the past I have tried to contact
the various platform maintainers and did not get very many responses.
(think the OpenEXR disaster) 

I think if this is something we are worried about there needs to be a
standardized method that is published, and also has a good/reasonable 
response time.
(It shouldn't be a bottle neck for new things getting added to the code,
I fear that a lot of developers already think is difficult to get something
into the code, and I think we should try to make this easier not harder.)

I also think we should have buildsystem maintainers just like we have
platform maintainers, and they should be more visible as well.
I'll even volunteer to be the Makefile person and or a Makefile person
if someone else is interested.

Unrelated, I just like to point out that the wiki info on libtiff was not
written by me.  I just reviewed the patch, so you'll need to talk to the
author about it vs quicktime on OSX.


mein at cs.umn.edu

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