[Bf-committers] results of game tests

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 02:33:17 CET 2005

here is the results of my game playing - er testing


Ballercoaster - start is fast (but jerky) massive slow down after
first ball collision, sound doesnt work (in 2.37a similarly jerky
motion but sound works)

bunny-loader - bunny has no animation (works in 2.37a)

clown - no animation ((works in 2.37a)

conveyor - no sound freeze on sound jerky animation (animation jerky in 2.37a

crystal_cube - works well

Dgunner - seems to work well

eat snow - didn't work in 2.37a (couldn't start game) works in 2.4
(including animation) the mouse location sensor seems to not track
properly (ie mouse movement had to go far beyond character location)

eskimogame - in 2.4 no animation works in 2.37a

halofun - seems to work the same in both

house - works same in both

mech - works same in both including mech animation

MG1 - 2.4 has no sound otherwise works the same (2.4 seems faster...)

Nevaeh - works same in both, note that after death, both players are
able to continue invisible and invincible...

particlefire - works same in both

rvofighter - in 2.37a doesn't texture correctly in full screen, in
2.40 no sound, no animation

shinyipac - works the same including animation

skategirl - works the same including animation

texamin - works same

textFade - load faild on both (not a blend file)

walkthrough demo - seems to work faster and smooth in 2.4 also you
can't 'fly off' the balcony in 2.4

webhaloparty - seems to work same in both

BoSS19packed - seems to work same in both

frog - seemed to work the same in both (however 2.4 gave a sound
error, and 2.37a simply didn't play anything...)  both died for no
apparent reason when i hopped onto a log

hardsimple - worked about the same - no sound in 2.4

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