[Bf-committers] New dev added!

Mal mal at candomultimedia.com
Tue Nov 22 11:20:50 CET 2005

Hey Campbell,

Not to knock the Oops, but maybe the first code change could be to set 
the Outliner view to show by default, rather than the Oops view, when 
the Outliner panel is selected from a fresh install?  For beginners, it 
makes more sense to show them the easier to understand Outliner ( which 
some longer term users, like me, also prefer :) )

Will you also be working on adding functionality to the Outliner ( 
rename, re-parent etc )?  Hopefully adding functionality to one will be 
easily convertible to the other ( as then they are really two different 
views of the same hierarchical scene, and allow for modifications on 
that same scene ).


> G'Hey Everyone.
> happy to be able to do some work in the Oops area,
> Wont be able to do anything for a few weeks because Im preparing for a 
> simulation trade show,  but have some ideas for things to add to the 
> oops view and Im generaly interested in using the oops window for 
> object management.
> Look forward to contributing.
> - Cam
> Ton Roosendaal wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Campbell Barton has cvs write access now, he'll be the devoted 
>> maintainer of the much ignored Oops window (not outliner, but the one 
>> with wires and blocks!). :)
>> Welcome mate!
>> -Ton-
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