SV: [Bf-committers] KKEY mode not available for posemode - why?

Ton Roosendaal ton at
Sun Nov 20 14:25:18 CET 2005


Of course I thought of it, and if it was so easy as it sounds it would  
have been coded ages ago! You should see the IpoKey code to see the  
impact for such a feature.

On top of that there's a big problem because Armatures consist of  
hierarchies of bones, each with potentially differently timed Ipos.  
Showing all "Ipo Keys" for a given selection then is quite a nightmare.
And, even when it only shows the Ipo Keys for a single Bone, you  
typically animate Bones with rotations only, which will clutter the  
view quite some. For Object animations that works quite better, since  
most of the times you have translations included in the keys.

The Ghosting feature I've added just because it was on the wishlist for  
long, and seems to be of some use in some occasions.. like the path  
option. Both features are very limited. It would become much more  
interesting if you can use the ghosts or paths to inverse edit the keys  
yes. But... that's a really hard thing todo, again because of the  
hierarchical nature of Armatures.


On 20 Nov, 2005, at 13:59, Alexander Ewering wrote:

> On Sun, 20 Nov 2005, [iso-8859-1] Sten Sjöberg wrote:
>> Hi Alexander
>> Maybe you have missed the code Ton committed not too long ago, where
>> you have the button called [Ghost:0] in Editbuttons for Armature,  
>> which
>> is how many Ghosted bones will be around current frame (current
>> action), and next to it is the button [Step:1] which is  how many
>> frames between Ghost instances will be.
>> All this similar to what is called Onionskinning I belive.
>> I hope this is what you have been looking for.
> No, not at all. It clutters the view needlessly, isn't adaptive to
> keyframes, and still doesn't allow me to jump between them...
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