SV: Re: [Bf-committers] KKEY mode not available for posemode - why?

Sten Sjöberg choklaa at
Sun Nov 20 10:03:21 CET 2005

Thanks Tom,

Yes you mean like *any* other object? I also wanted this before, and
also thought it was a bit odd Armatures (bones) never had the KKEY

Okey I see, I however think this with Ghost is a better approach or
maybe it could be extended to be used in Objectmode too and not only
Posemode? Maybe, this could be on debate :)


--- Tom M <letterrip at> skrev:

> Sten,
> I think he wants to be able to skip from an inserted keyframe to the
> next inserted keyframe on the ipo curve.
> > I hope this is what you have been looking for.
> >
> > kind regards,
> > Sten
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