[Bf-committers] a few points to tomorrows agenda

Toni Alatalo antont at kyperjokki.fi
Sat Nov 19 22:39:07 CET 2005


i thought about a few points about blender dev with tomorrows meeting in 
mind.. the notes-writing back home quickly turned from 2.40 release issues to 
new projects, so i listed what remembered from the Orange / Ton's list, and 
was thinking that perhaps someone could grab some of those -- also would be 
interesting to hear what you people have in mind for new developments 

took the liberty to draft the agenda a bit at 
-- not written in stone of course, so can be all changed for the actual 
meeting (and of course will change when will become the actual minutes). do 
feel free to add points/issues/.. there, am pretty tired now so probably did 
not remember even obvious developments that are already going on (will check 
the wiki tomorrow before meeting perhaps)

cu tomorrow i guess,
'though am not 100% that will come myself (was here today so tomorrow is the 
only possibility to have a day when dont come to the studio) .. but perhaps 
with 73% probability or so :o


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