[Bf-committers] 64-bit bug loading .blend files containing scriptlinks

Ken Hughes khughes at pacific.edu
Sat Nov 19 17:11:58 CET 2005

Ton Roosendaal wrote:
> Hi,
> this is struct ScriptLink:
> typedef struct ScriptLink {
>     struct ID **scripts;
>     short *flag;
>     short actscript, totscript;
>     int pad;
> } ScriptLink;
> It only has 2 pointers... further, Blender structs are stuffed with  
> pointers, on reading a 32 bits file, the 64 bits Blender DNA should  
> detect this and reallocate the struct with correct data in it. The only  
> thing that could use testing is endianness and 64 bits. But I assume  
> the 32 bits file you tried is from a linux intel system too?

Actually, what I should have asked is where is the Blender DNA detecting
the difference and reallocating the struct, so I can see what it's doing?

A symptom of the problem, which I saw last week but didn't understand, 
is that none of the script names showed up in the text box in the Script 
panel, even though Blender knew there were 3 script.


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