[Bf-committers] 64-bit bug loading .blend files containing scriptlinks

Ken Hughes khughes at pacific.edu
Fri Nov 18 23:48:23 CET 2005

This is the first real 64-bit bug I've seen (which is good).  A .blend 
file from a 32-bit system which contains three scriptlinks is loaded on 
my AMD64 system under linux.  As read_struct() load the file, it gets to 
the structure for the scriptlinks and allocates memory for 3 pointers 
for a total of 12 bytes.  Later, when lib_link_scriptlink() is called, 
it goes through trying to relink the objects, but thinks slink->scripts 
is pointer at 8-byte pointers.  The result is memory errors on exit 
(either from MEM_freen() or glibc).  For now I've verified using a hack 
in lib_link_scriptlink() that correctly converting the 32-bit pointers 
to 64-bit pointers and reallocating the proper storage fixes the problem.

Any suggestions what to do?  I'm not familiar with this part of the 
source tree at all.


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