[Bf-committers] bug? in 'transform_nlachannel_keys()' & e-mail adress to Ton

Anders Nilsson nillenilsson at yahoo.se
Fri Nov 18 20:40:48 CET 2005

Well... It´s sort of a bug. When grabbing a key in the
NLA Editor without releasing it, the routine will push
events onto the queue and Blender will not not pop
them, resulting in memory consumption. When releasing
it you get the memory back, but I don´t know if this
event pushing is required. What if you grab a key and
have to take a pi** in the middle of it and when you
return you´re greeted with a freshly rebooted
computer. ;)

I discovered it when playing with the idea of using
do_screenhandlers() in the routine for real time
updating in the 3D views when moving keys.

Also I have a private question for Ton but I can´t
find his E-Mail adress.

I´m amazed what you guys have achived so far, this is
truly a revolution in the making!!!!



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