[Bf-committers] rest spring length for new softbody objects

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Fri Nov 18 14:52:12 CET 2005

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> Hi Jens Ole,
> I would appreciate some more comments from you in the code...
> - What are the position vectors origS, origE and origT again?

(Goal)Position at Start of frame,  at End of frame , linear interpolated in
Time. The solver needs to take smaller time steps than one frame.
Calulating goal spring forces uses the interpolated positions.

> - You added a pointer to "rcs" to several calls, it seems to be for  
> edge calculus, but why?

I did not want to throw away the default calculation, before this discussion
was finished so i used "rcs" to signal if springs are already calculated or
"default" should do it.

> We could better define that for each call to "remake softbody", the  
> spring lengths should be set OK, and not leave this to some later  
> stage... otherwise we don't know for sure the original edge sizes.
> I got confused a bit here, the lattice code you added makes springs,  
> initializes them, but doesn't set the spring length (which is a  
> constant even!). The Mesh code does set spring lengths however.

It all was there once *sigh*

Revision : 1.44
Date : 2005/8/18 11:4:22
Author : 'zuster'
State : 'Exp'
Lines : +3 -12
Description :
- remove redundant calculation of spring length


> You agree with removing the 'rcs' variable, and set spring length in  
> each "make softbody" calls? I can fix that :)
> -Ton-

Definitly, that's how it was before Daniel *optimized* it all away.
Well i was a little frustrated then and decided to wait until that modifier
stack hype was over. So now i speak up.
jens ole

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