[Bf-committers] New patch allows frame skipping for armature ghosting

Roland Hess rolandh at reed-witting.com
Wed Nov 16 13:34:30 CET 2005

Ton wrote:

>  And it requires a proper version patch on fileread
>to prevent the step size to become zero. And an initialize.

I'll see what I can do. I basically just did a search for the 
variable "ghostep" and followed it around. "ghostep" does not 
initialize, except as the default value in the buttons code, as far 
as I can see. Is that because it begins as 0 that an init isn't 

>BTW; can you make the patch using "cvs diff -u" ? I never apply patches
>before reading it carefully, and that gives more readable diffs.

Will do.

>I'm also curious why you decided to make the step go in 0.5 frames...
>if you want precise control, it could become a float too?

Actually, that was you. :) I think the 0.5 you're referring to is the 
starting point for the loop that steps out the frames, and that was 
already in the code. My guess was that you did it so that the first 
ghost image was drawn half a frame on either side of the reference 
frame, then proceeding in single frame steps outward. With the patch, 
if you set step size to 1, the default, you get the original 
behavior. If you set it to 2, the first ghost is drawn 1 frame away 
from reference, and so on.

Also, the fake-a-pose-then-draw code was very helpful for something 
else I'm working on. It was just what I was looking for!
Roland Hess - harkyman

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