[Bf-committers] Auto-IK thoughts and ideas

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Fri Nov 11 22:00:05 CET 2005


The auto-IK is still experimental... and much less useful than the  
'target less' IK, which you can control easier.
I agree this option could become a hotkey yes, to override or to  
invoke. Needs a bit study still...


On 10 Nov, 2005, at 2:54, Johnny Matthews wrote:

> Ton, et al,
>  I had an idea while playing with auto-ik. I noticed that if I have  
> auto IK on and have an IK chain already set up with a target bone, the  
> target bone tries to act like a 1 bone ik chain. So I thought of 2  
> solutions...
>  1. If a bone is a target of an IK chain, it will not start an auto-IK  
> grab
>  2. Ctrl-G gives opposite grab, so if you are in auto-ik mode and  
> CTRL-G a bone you get non-auto-ik grab and
>  if you are not in auto-ik mode, ctrl-G gives you an auto-ik grab.
>  Thoughts?
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