[Bf-committers] Camera data corruption?

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Fri Nov 11 21:58:13 CET 2005


> Also added propertoes to the camera, not sure if that changes anything.

I doubt that is related. Unless you use a Blender version with patches  
related to this?

> Anyhow On reloading I got the error.
> LIB ERROR: base removed

This means there was an object in use (in a scene) that was not in the  
file. So somehow you managed to get zero user-objects, these don't get  
saved in files... which is a really bad bug yes. What can you recall  
you did that could cause this? Any fancy special tool used? Python  

> Anyhow, I had worked on my scene for 2/4 hours before adding cameras  
> and 5 min after adding them I have the bug in loading the scene  
> resulting in loss of most of the meshes and all the cameras.

Check SHIFT+F4 a lot, and see when objects lose user counts...


> Was able to workaround by duplicationg in the blender that had not  
> reloaded the coppupt data and resaving, list bases only messed up for  
> the original non duplated data.
> But it seems theres a bug in that adding cameras messes up the data.
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