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Salvatore Russo salvatore.russo at laposte.net
Fri Nov 11 14:07:25 CET 2005

Hallo everybody,

Some news about my work on Blender for Pocketpc.
After some development and tests (especially with Mesa), I took the decision to use the official OpenGL implementation for Embedded System and work on a wrapper emulating all Opengl missing functions.

Thus, for example, I am using Texture Font and not Bitmap font because Opengl ES doesn’t know Bitmaps and I emulated functions like gldrawpixel drawing textures

The two main issues where I am working now are:
1)“selection mode” used in Blender (GL_SELECT) and not available in OpenGL ES (only GL_RENDER is there)
2)front and back buffer
 Opengl ES doesn’t have direct access to front buffer

For selection mode:
As I understood, selection mode is used for picking
 I am implementing a solution rendering in a backbuffer, testing if pixel are rendered (in the view volume)
 basically doing everything opengl does
But to be honest, I don’t believe I am in the best way: it will be very expensive for a small pocketpc to do all that
 especially if it need to be done for each picking. There are other solution for picking (ray pick or color coding for example) and I can not imagine that Blender uses the selection mode to manage all picking.

Do you think it is really necessary to emulate completely the opengl selection mode for Blender? Or maybe there is a more efficient solution taking advantage of a mecanism al-ready implemented in Blender ? where could I check in the source?

For the second issue (front and back buffer):
I didn’t begin to code this part yet
 As I understood, front buffer drawing is used in Blender to draw menus. I plan to draw everything in back buffer and eventually to use an other off-screen buffer to not lose information

Do you have any advise about the best approach? An efficient approach to no load the pocketpc with not usefull operation :=)

Thanks a lot for your help and advise, 

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