[Bf-committers] SDL versus OpenAL

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Fri Nov 11 13:44:07 CET 2005

Hi all,

Going over last week's mails... the discussion didn't reveil a real  
solution apparently. Probably the most practical solution is not to  
look at what works best, but to choose for what we can maintain best.

My proposol: kick OpenAL out (because of its buggyness and lack of  
maintenance), only use SDL, and add a small wrapper in the SoundSystem  
library to at least support some distance/stereo cueing and support for  
game engine Listener stuff.

Target should be that all code in Blender then goes via the SoundSystem  
module (or a replacement for it), with no SDL reveiled anywhere in our  
code. With such a cleanup we then can look at better support later, for  
example when a devoted developer shows up.

Alexander; is this something you can do?


On 1 Nov, 2005, at 1:17, Austin Benesh wrote:

> Carsten Wartmann wrote:
>> Alexander Ewering wrote:
>>>  - Support for Ogg Vorbis files
>> A must! Even in times we all (?) have high bandwith internet...
>>>  - No doppler effect (was this supported in openal?)
>> Nice for simulations.
>>>  - No changing of pitch *during* the playing of a sound (was
>>>    this supported in openal?)
>> Thats a big disadvantage for games etc. I think. Changing Pitch is  
>> nice for engine sounds etc.
>>> Sound in the sequencer and game engine are still a totally different
>>> story. Game engine sound is asynchronous (event sounds), Animation  
>>> system
>>> sound is synchronous, so they still cannot live next to each other.  
>>> But
>>> I don't consider that a problem because a project that uses the  
>>> sequencer
>>> will never use the game engine - and vice versa. I guess I don't need
>>> to explain :)
>> Well, actually I did use both while animation, so if it is not  
>> interfering while animating for the GE I am fine with that.
>> Regards,
>> Carsten
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> I agree that OpenAL should be kept. It seems well developed and mature  
> with a lot of functionality. SDL is simply too basic for the things  
> that OpenAL can do.
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