[Bf-committers] 64-bit patch

Ken Hughes khughes at pacific.edu
Fri Nov 11 03:25:47 CET 2005

Sorry I seem to be in the "beating a dead horse" mode (is that just an 
American phrase?) but Kent and I going over the 64-bit patches today and 
I realized after he left that #3264 is basically just a patch for the 
game engine, similar to patch #2702.  Ton assigned that earlier patch to 
Erwin, so maybe he should check off this patch too?

[ Side note: one of the patched files 
(source/kernel/gen_system/GEN_HashedPtr.h) is apparently only used by 
the game engine (?) but is currently compiled regardless by scons (I 
verified by removing the file from the build script and successfully 
compiling a binary) ]

If now, I can vouch that it fixes compiler errors on my AMD64 while 
still compiling on 32-bit machines, but it's only one step in the whole 
64-bit port issue.  (See my earlier e-mails for other issues).


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