[Bf-committers] AMD64 bit support issues

Ken Hughes khughes at pacific.edu
Thu Nov 10 18:58:22 CET 2005

Ken Hughes wrote:

> I'd like to take some of the patches which have been submitted and clean 
> try to get the source fixed up prior to the 2.40 cvs freeze, and we 
> could go for now with using longs.  But it would be nice to fix it now 
> for all the platforms.

Ok, due to the overwhelming lack of response I'm planning to just do the 
simple patch for now so that things compile without errors.  In the 
longer run I would like to change these and others to a specific pointer 
type with the least impact on the current build systems (I can only test 
scons and make under Linux right now, and possibly MSVC in the near 
future if someone can point me to a how-to for setting things up with 
Visual Studio.NET).

I've got a working build right now using which uses uintptr_t and 
intptr_t instead of long and I'm trying to decided the best way to get 
this into the necessary files and include search paths.  Currently I've 
changed about 8 makefiles and 6 SConscript files but I'm planning today 
to examine the various search paths more closely to see what the current 
settings are.  It looks like the most painless way right now would be 
add or modify include files in blender and the game engine; I don't see 
any common include path which both use consistently.

So what's the preferred approach?  Duplicate header files with no change 
to the builds, or one header file and changes to the builds (which will
involve the other platform maintainers)?

(Actually, if someone (ton?) can give me a definitive direction to take, 
this could still make it before the cvs freeze)


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