[Bf-committers] Camera data corruption?

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Wed Nov 9 03:08:23 CET 2005

Hi Bf'ers
Was wokring on a project where I had multiple cameras, Noticed that 
Alt+D makes a duplicate of the data. when it should re-use the data.

Also added propertoes to the camera, not sure if that changes anything.

Anyhow On reloading I got the error.
LIB ERROR: base removed

And half of my objects in that scene compleatly removed... not even in 
their data in the databrowser.
loosing an afternoons work since all the previous revisions saved had 
the problem too. I didnt try loading them.
(blame self for using CVS build)

Anyway. I started the project again and was extra carefull not use use 
undo and to do normal duplicates incase Alt+C was buggy, just manualy 
relinking the data.

Anyhow, I had worked on my scene for 2/4 hours before adding cameras and 
5 min after adding them I have the bug in loading the scene resulting in 
loss of most of the meshes and all the cameras.

Was able to workaround by duplicationg in the blender that had not 
reloaded the coppupt data and resaving, list bases only messed up for 
the original non duplated data.

But it seems theres a bug in that adding cameras messes up the data.

- Cambo

Campbell J Barton

133 Hope Street
Geelong West, Victoria 3218 Australia

URL:    http://www.metavr.com
e-mail: cbarton at metavr.com
phone: AU (03) 5229 0241

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