[Bf-committers] FFMpeg integration -> bf-cvs

Alexander Ewering blender at instinctive.de
Mon Nov 7 12:46:28 CET 2005


as far as I can tell, everything that has been added for ffmpeg
integration is inside #ifdef WITH_FFMPEG, right?

On one of the last meetings, it was decided to make ffmpeg
linux-only for now, to avoid conflicts with Quicktime and AVICodec.

So, I will commit the ffmpeg stuff shortly into bf-cvs, and the
build system maintainers should then just modify the
build systems so that WITH_FFMPEG is only defined on linux. That
is the easiest solution probably.

Further, there must be a ffmpeg release chosen to be included with
the source tree (extern/).

Ian, which ffmpeg release did you use? It's probably best to include
that then.

I'll wait with my commit until 1) the build systems have been updated
to define WITH_FFMPEG on linux, and 2) the ffmpeg snapshot has been
integrated into the tree and build systems.

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