[Bf-committers] Cumulative PATCH for sequencer

Peter Schlaile peter at schlaile.de
Wed Nov 2 21:18:45 CET 2005


I personally don't like cumulative patches myself, but I don't have time
now to sort this out again, and still wanted people to test it.

This patch:
- adds memcache limitor support, now configurable in userpref and now
  reliable with meta-strips, to limit memory usage in sequencer by throwing
  out old cached frames
- raises the global frame limit by changing the frame-counter everywhere
  from "short int" to "int"
- adds ffmpeg read support including seeking on a per frame basis in mpeg-files
  and raw-dv support
- adds additional zoom-levels in the 3D-Preview of the sequencer
  (otherwise it is impossible to view several channels see below)
- adds an additional "channel tuner" in the 3D-Preview of the sequencer
  to "tune" into the sequencer channels. Even works with meta-strips ;-)
- makes it possible to have the IPO-Curves of effect plugins follow in a
  per frame basis instead of always running from zero to one. (Use
  strip preferences dialog to switch between "0-1" and "frame lock" behaviour.)
  You know, when you need this, if you have 4 camcorder sources and crossfaders
  between them running over the full timeline. Doing this with your pocket
  calculator is rather - clumsy ;-)

All changes are carefully made to _not_ break existing blender files!
If you stumble on a breakage, please let me know!

With this version, everybody out there should try to use blender as an
NLE. Real show stoppers left by now:
- ffmpeg-render support
- color correction a la "Symphony"
- sound support for _long_ timelines. The current sound handling is
  broken by design. Sorry folks.

As always: suggestions still welcome. I tell you, when I have finished my
2 hour project with the new sequencer ;-)

The patch can be found at:



Peter Schlaile

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