[Bf-committers] stride-bone

stapfx at gmx.de stapfx at gmx.de
Wed Nov 2 01:20:46 CET 2005


I wanted to use the new stride-feature in Blender to animate a real
If the stride-bone doesn't move for some time, the evluation of the action
gets messed up.

I looked in the source-code:
"stridechannel_frame" starts searching for a fitting action-time in the
middle of the action. If the stride bone doesn't move for a certain time,
then "stridechannel_frame" returns the value that is closest to 0.5.

I suggest "stridechannel_frame" should use the striptime from the last frame
to find out the new striptime, searching the best fitting time in positive

I think that would also solve problems with stride-bones moving back and
forth. (Not that I needed this...)

Best regards,
Stephan Kassemeyer

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