[Bf-committers] Curve Build Effect

Matt Ebb matt at mke3.net
Wed Mar 30 07:30:07 CEST 2005

On 30 Mar 2005, at 6:56 AM, Johnny Matthews wrote:

> When I tried to duplicate your effect, I made my curve keys all down 
> for one and all up for the next and instead of it animating like yours 
> (a growth pattern) all the points on the curve went up at the same 
> time making the resultant curve bulge into it's final shape. I saw you 
> ony had 3 keys on the curve so you did not animate each point 
> seperately. So what am I missing?

It's to do with how the RVKs interpolate. It's hard to describe in 
writing, but the gist of it is that you're only interpolating between 
the completely flat state and the completely 'solid' state. Check the 
below file for a much better explanation (should have done this the 
first time, that last file was almost directly appended from another 
file of mine and wasn't so clean) :) This one also includes an example 
for the 'catch me if you can' arrow-style ones too.


I realise this sort of thing takes a bit of lateral thinking and is 
pretty obtuse if one doesn't understand the individual tools behind it. 
That's ok, since it's a pretty specific thing to do. This would 
probably be a great candidate for a nice friendly Python script where 
you select the curve you want to grow, and the script generates and 
animates all the other curves for you and links them up properly. You 
could even build in presets for different line styles and so on.



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