[Bf-committers] commandline nightmare

Ken Hughes khughes at pacific.edu
Tue Mar 29 21:56:24 CEST 2005

Chris Want wrote:

> Yeah, it could probably be cleaned up. I guess
> the thing that I am most disappointed by is
> the way that the order of arguments is important,
> but I suppose getopt wouldn't fix that anyway.
> The one advantage that using getopt would have
> is that it would enforce a well known standard
> on the way that commandline args are handled
> (e.g., stuff like -p 0 0 300 300 is very
> non-standard and uses 5 members of the argv
> array).

I'd agree the interface should be rethought.  I do a lot of batch
animations and literally wrote batch scripts to do it, since
I would always forget one argument somewhere (-b, -s, -e or -a).
Looking at the arguments print, they're also not consistent;
"-a" means one thing combined with "-b" and another thing
by itself; same thing with "-p".

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