[Bf-committers] meeting summary 27th March 2005

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 19:58:58 CEST 2005

1) Transform (+ manipulator widgets)
- A long debate proved the Manipulators need more design time on
keybinding setup, Ton will keep track of ideas and come up with a proposal
that hopefully fits all.
- Martin P will update his transform wiki todo list since most of the
targets have been accomplished.

Remaining todo:
- Add creasing to the new transform (Martin)
- Remove the old code and defines (Ton)
- Then everyone else do testing
- Review of the MMB & widget conventions, including constraints

2) HEmesh
- HEmesh (Half Edge Mesh a new data structure) is now ready for
committing to Tuhopuu - congratulations Joe Edgar.

3a) Patches: turntable (John Aughey)
Patch approved, if:
- it will have axis correction for switching from trackball view to
turntable view
- it prevents 'slanting' while rotating a lot. Seems to be not a
problem with current implementation

3b) Patches: animated views (John Aughey)
This patch animates the view changes that are done view the NumPAD.
Gave mixed reviews in the meeting about usablitily or need to include
in bf-blender.
John will make a proposal for adding to Tuhopuu first, and add CTRLKEY
with Numpad as a hotkey to activate.

4) Creasing bug
Daniel Dunbar has a fix that prevents 'spikes' on certain creasing
situations. This might break compatibility with older Blender releases,
provided the artists used the spikes as a feature! Ton agreed that it's
a real bug, and can be fixed even with losing 'compatibility'.

5) Subsurf work, drawobject recode
Daniel Dunbar is cleaning drawobject.c, making a more flexible API and
switching it to use his new faster subsurf code. Docs & proposal is in
separate mail to this list.

6) Scons
Some issues with scons - our scons script uses an undocumented feature,
which should be reworked so it isn't used.  Also the include files are
re-used excessively.
Lukep & Stivs will work on this.
We could use more volunteers for maintaining the Scons files. It is
python based, and is 'easy work'!

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