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Ted Schundler tschundler at
Sun Mar 27 22:24:15 CEST 2005

It's because scons in the ports tree got upgraded. (Which it really
shouldn't have, because it got upgraded to a beta/testing version, not
an official release.)

Blender's scons related stuff used an unsupported internal scons
structure that got dropped in the latest scons. See my bugreport to
scons for details:

I did some further experiments. This patch seems to work around the
initial error message:

Index: tools/scons/bs/
RCS file: /cvsroot/bf-blender/blender/tools/scons/bs/,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -r1.1
<       parser =  SCons.Script.OptParser()
<       options, targets = parser.parse_args(all_args)
<       if ('clean' in targets):
>       if ('clean' in sys.argv):

However, even with that patch it still won't compile (just one hurdle
cleared), so I think there is more to the problem. Lines like:
	SConscript (bs_globals.root_build_dir+'extern/SConscript')
fail now. I don't think it should have worked in the first place,
because there is no SConscript file in that location. Then giving it
the right location still doesn't work.

So, whoever is in charge of scons should probably try out the latest
version. It looks like a lot of the issues with getting Blender to
compile are due to not following standard scons ways of doing things,
particularly with the main SConstruct file. So assumptions made about
when things would get imported and such don't hold anymore.

Ted Schundler

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