[Bf-committers] XCode project

Jean-Luc Peuriere jlp at nerim.net
Sun Mar 27 19:51:41 CEST 2005

The XCode project should be completely usable now. It build now nicely 
the correct solid and qhull libs

The project also build now the whole application from the blender app 
sub project. no more need
to build in order makesdna and blender tool.

pending things :

- Run and debug command works but sneak under the top bar. this is 
linked on how blender init
and not easy to solve (same problem as when launching from terminal) . 
Just use the (apple bar)
window menu to shrink it
- makesdna is run even if not needed. not really a problem
- give more options and build player
- only development code is generated (with debug and profiling info). 
dont distribute those builds
without stripping them, they are huge (49 Mo)

need to get feedback if it works correctly for you.

I'm also very interested to know if enabling the SCM as CVS works 
especially for anonymous users
(it works from a dev account).

to work with xcode, get from CVS both blender and 
lib/darwin-6.1-powerpc modules,
launch the project in make/xc_blender

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