[Bf-committers] CCGSubSurf integration stuff

Daniel Dunbar daniel at zuster.org
Sun Mar 27 17:33:22 CEST 2005


Just wanted to give people a heads up on the changes that I
am working on at the moment having to do with the DispListMesh
system and various other mesh stuff.

For starters I put up a little wiki page on the new subsurf
stuff here which also gives the motivation for some of the


Basically the problem I am working on now is ripping out the
DispListMesh system and replacing it with a general DerivedMesh
system for handling various kinds of objects that derive from
mesh geometry. This means letting the derived object define
how it is drawn and edited at the moment. DispListMesh will
still stay around for a bit as a unified exchange medium
between DerivedMesh objects and other parts of Blender (like
the renderer).

Once the system is working it will be possible to extend it
a bit to form the basis of a real mesh modifier stack (editable
order) so that the various current ways to modify a mesh can
all be applied in any order and arrangement. Such modifiers
currently are: build effect, lattice/armature deformation,
subsurf. It also means implementing new modifiers should be a
breeze, for example Ton was talking about implementing a mirror
mode - this will be a great test of the new system, as it should
be possible to implement as a modifier.

I hope to have some of this stuff in place by the end of the

daniel dunbar

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