[Bf-committers] fully interactive python console

levon hudson levonh at internode.on.net
Fri Mar 25 03:36:49 CET 2005

nice one cam, works quite well, the only problem i have found is that it 
doesnt print things on multipule lines. so if you do this:
import Blender
import Blender.Object
this = Blender.Object.Get("cube")
print dir(this)

it will print the output onto one line, so you can see all of the output.

>ooo can you provide examples ?
>like how could it make something different as in todays current scripts  
>On Mar 24, 2005, at 2:15 PM, Campbell Barton wrote:
>> Hi All, I had another poke at a script I wrote a while back and  
>>managed to get a interactice python console in python.
>> I think I have achieved my goal to have somthing like autocads  
>>interactice console.
>> Features are..
>>	• 	Can run at the same time as blender!, and dosent forget variables  
>>etc between usage. also dosent hog recources.
>>	• 	Works in many ways just like pythons interactice console.
>>	• 	Raises proper errors and dosent bail out of the console..
>>	• 	 Has a command history and colour coding for input/output/errors
>>	• 	Scripts can be saved to a text file.
>>	• 	easy to extend (python)
>>	• 	Commented out, but can use a file called 'console_autoexec.py' for  
>>startup functions.
>> This is nice for user shoutcuts so lots of nifty functions could have  
>>3 letter names,
>> Somthing Id like to add is optional autocompleate (bash style?), for  
>>variables and and Imported modules.
>> Its commented out.

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