[Bf-committers] old bugs

zippy trip at spymac.com
Tue Mar 22 20:13:58 CET 2005

>> In the image open view list of files, if you just saved a file from 
>> another program to that same folder it will not apper in that list 
>> unless you travel up a directory and then back into the same folder. 
>> So if I make a change to
> That's not true, you can just middle-click on the '.' directory. Also, 
> this
> is a *good* thing, because it makes the selector faster, and it works 
> just
> the same in, say, windows explorer.

Ok I Never ever knew about this press period " . " no where have i seen 
it ,, yes read the docs some more others will shout :P

>> Also, Why do you have to press so many buttons and a slider to 
>> activate a transparent image files alpha channel ? Why cant there be 
>> a default button in the texture or where ever that just activates all 
>> of these buttons and sliders in one click when all you want to do is 
>> test out a transparent image...
> Do you propose adding a "default button" for having, say, wood or 
> glass, too?
> Then you need a lot of default buttons...

No I just purpose a faster way to add transparency for quick testings, 
the time it takes to click all of those buttons adds up when adding 
them to a lot of objects. And it is a very basic thing when a user 
decides to export an image with an alpha channel. There have already 
been talks to incorporate different glass types, but that is a 
different subject

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