[Bf-committers] Call for help?

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Tue Mar 22 13:18:53 CET 2005

Hi Luigi,

People developing python additions for Blender are very welcome, of  
course, but that's outside of the scope of this mailing list. :)
We have many ways for python scripters to publicize themselves.  
Advertise regularly on the python forums (like on blender.org and  
elysiun.com), and make sure you get listed in the python download  
section on blender3d.org here;


If you like to be close to the API developers in Blender, join the  
bf-python mailing list!



On 21 Mar, 2005, at 14:12, Luigi Monaco wrote:

>> A couple days ago there was discussion about getting some new  
>> developers.
>> Has it already died? I think bf-blender would be helped greatly with  
>> some
>> new dev experience. I'm not part of the official bf-blender, but I  
>> could
>> join in and help on the interface code if needs be. Anyway, just a  
>> thought.
> I'll have to finish some pending jobs before I can dare to start  
> coding in c++.
> I did some c++ some 10 years ago at a beginners level. Since then I  
> did a lot
> of java and switched to python about 2 years ago. I am interested in  
> joining
> the blender dev, but still feel a bit of in an inadequate knowledge  
> level, so I
> keep quite and read. I owe a lot to the blender community. I actually  
> make a
> living with this software and just really do not want to disappoint  
> anyone, so
> I explain my actual passiveness and at the end would like give an idea  
> for the
> animation dev.
> [--passiveness due to:
> I just started a project-management tool for rendering in an  
> environment with
> multiple computers. It will cover the topic of calculating the costs  
> of a
> rendering process, allow upload and distribution of blend files to be  
> then
> taken and rendered by attached clients. The result ought to be a  
> summary which
> can be presented to the customer, in a detailed form. A lot of  
> additional -
> production relevant - goodies will be included, it will be open source  
> and have
> the same license as blender :-) For now it's PyQT [Eric3 as IDE] and  
> plain
> Python enhancing development speed and allowing to do a 'fast rewrite'  
> in c++,
> once a production state has been reached.
> [--animation dev
> Lately I had the need of doing s.th. I named an 'AnimatedExtrusion'.  
> This is
> the extrusion of a mesh along a path. This with changing of the path's  
> position
> and the originating mesh. It's alpha, has a bug with the 'curve  
> follow', but
> did the job.
> Blend file including scripts: AnimatedExtruder.py, ExternalEditor.py  
> at:
> http://blender.ocanom.com/AnimatedExtruder.011.blend.zip
> Result file [sorry for the WMF, would have to reencode from customers  
> requested
> format] at:
> http://blender.ocanom.com/maag_csc_loop_mini_high.wmv
> [script working at sec 57-64 and 73-78]
> First the script calculates a mesh which has as many vertex points as  
> the
> extrusion ist be, e.g.: extrusion 10 frames, mesh 5 vertices= 50  
> vertices. Then
> it surfaces the vertices, like an extrusion would do. After this it  
> 'simulates'
> the movement of the base object, writing it's coors as values of a  
> python list
> in a text-object. When filled, the text-object is completed with some  
> code to
> place the mesh vertices corresponding to the listvalues where every  
> list
> position is understood as a frame. Finally the created object is  
> associated
> with this text object, making it a script called on the frame-change  
> event for
> the originaly created mesh.
> I know it's far from being perfect, but it was my first python/blender
> experience and saved me some animation time. btw: I noticed s.th. that  
> could be
> a bug, the 'undo' buffer is announced to be 'overfilled' while doing  
> the
> calculation, you can cause this error to appear with an animation of  
> e.g. ~100
> and a base mesh of 5 vertices - see the given blend file. The  
> calculating is
> slow, presumably for the allocation of memory for the Text-Object  
> while writing
> the massive ammount of coor data? Writing to a file and loading this  
> didn't
> work. Trying to use some coherent functionality with socket  
> communication
> stopped when I realised that threading.Thread didn't work. Anyway, this
> functionality could be integrated somewhere near to the particle  
> system... ah
> and absolute vertex saving has no call from within python.
> I hope it's okay if I take my time to decide when, how and if I can  
> join the
> blender dev without giving any particular promise but showing sincere  
> interest.
> Greets
> Luigi
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