[Bf-committers] [varga@stonehenge.sk: graphics/blender-devel broken with scons-0.96.90]

Hans Lambermont hans at lambermont.dyndns.org
Mon Mar 21 22:16:09 CET 2005

Hi bf-committers list,

Here is an scons-0.96.90 problem with blender.
I hope someone picks this up.

-- Hans

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From: Michal Varga <varga at stonehenge.sk>
To: freebsd-ports at freebsd.org
Subject: graphics/blender-devel broken with scons-0.96.90
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 18:45:35 +0100

I don't know if someone noticed (I've just subscribed to the list, but
didn't find any reference in the history) - scons-0.96.90 from Feb 19.
(devel/scons) breaks the build of graphics/blender-devel.

According to http://www.scons.org/ , the .90 brings a "number of
extensive changes to internal subsystems", so shouldn't we have left the
previous version too in the ports collection in such cases? 

Michal Varga <varga at stonehenge.sk>

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