[Bf-committers] Call for help?

Austin Benesh bfdeveloper at gmail.com
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Thanks for the Wiki page, but it could use a little updating. I can't
understand how to read it very well. But anyway, thanks for the response.
When I said that I could help with UI I just kind of meant that I could do
whatever needs the most help. I'm not entirely acquainted with the Blender
internals yet, but I definitely progressed from the first time I built the
sources. It seems to me that mesh editing and transformation needs some of
the most help, so I'll contact that "module" leader. Only problem, I don't
know who it is...:)

-- Austin
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Yes we can always need more devs, the todo list I posted was a first  
draft for review.
The list also was meant to map out the urgent and most-wanted issues,  
there are many places in Blender unsupported and unpopular. Tweaking UI  
stuff isn't that, BTW. :)

I regret we still don't have a clear roadmap in place for how to  
involve new devs efficiently. Most of the time it is just based on  
someone coding stuff and proposing a patch. And of course we have our  
experimenting tree Tuhopuu, which has proven to be very useful.

Here's a very nice valuable page to check;
We try to work more and more 'modular' in the future, with 'owners'  
assigned to specific parts who can work on that relatively independent.  
These 'owners' are also the typical first persons to contact for work  
or patches.

Still a long way to go for us though. :)


On 20 Mar, 2005, at 22:44, Austin Benesh wrote:

> A couple days ago there was discussion about getting some new  
> developers. Has it already died? I think bf-blender would be helped  
> greatly with some new dev experience. I’m not part of the official  
> bf-blender, but I could join in and help on the interface code if  
> needs be. Anyway, just a thought.
> -- Austin
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