[Bf-committers] New Translation Widget

Willian Padovani Germano wgermano at ig.com.br
Mon Mar 21 06:56:20 CET 2005

joeedh wrote:

> It's a python problem with the new menus, I had to find BPy menus init 
> function and disable it (put in a return at the top).
> sorry, Willian, forgot to report.

I talked to slikdigit about it today after the meeting.  A check for 
null was missing when trying to find the default scripts dir, happened 
only if you didn't have a ".blender/" dir anywhere (user home or blender 
exe path, usually).

Now it should be fixed and for those running the binary from local cvs 
dir, if no ".blender/scripts/" dir is found in the expected locations, 
release/scripts/ is scanned for scripts to register (and also added to 
the sys.path list).

Anyway, consider having the .blender/ dir tree at your home dir, a 
Blender installation needs it.  For example: without it the Bpydata file 
is not saved and scripts dir(s) are re-scanned whenever you start 
Blender, instead of only when those dirs are modified.


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