[Bf-committers] meeting minutes March 20th 2005

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 17:54:49 CET 2005

1) Transform
- todo for next week: remove old transform code
- we take this week to review all transform methods
- report bugs in new transform stuff on mailing list or via IRC, not in
tracker till more stable

2) HE Mesh
- JLuc Peuriere  reviewed it - will discuss with Joe Edgar
- before adding to Tuhopuu, joeedh is requested keep code changes
minimal, not to conflict with other projects, sutch as construction
history, mouse over highlight, and macros
- Ton will check on integration issues on blender kernel, dna and
read/write file level

3) VRML patch
- still needs user testing

4) Python
- new items (Text3d module, Object.insertipoKey()) could use more
- the export menu is growing too large, Ton will make submenus move
based on space available on screen
- Willian Padovani Germano will add more submenus for import and export

5) Space.c refactor
- while a refactor is desireable - issues are complex and needs more
- view3d functions and info window draw functions can be seperated out
at this time

6) Subsurf recode
- Daniel Dunbar is ready to commit a test version soon - should be much
faster and use less memory. Will be new subsurf type, offered in
existing menu.

7) Bumpmap/Normalmap work
- Ton has code in progress


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