[Bf-committers] New Translation Widget

Mats Holmberg mats.holmberg at saunalahti.fi
Sun Mar 20 16:13:33 CET 2005

joeedh wrote:

> Austin Benesh wrote:
>> Hi everybody, I love the new translation widget, but is it going to 
>> applied to rotation and size?
> Update your cvs! pressing s, g, and r will switch between the various 
> widgets.  and pressing one of those twice (or once if your already on 
> that widget) will enter normal transform mode.
> joeedh
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Current cvs segfaults immediately on startup (the screen does go gray 
for maybe a 10th of a second before blender dies). Happens on cvs from 
yesterday and today. When Ton first committed the transformation widgets 
it still worked for me since I tried them out (17.3.). Now I wanted to 
try the rotate and scale as well, but no... =).

Slackware 10.1, kernel 2.6.9


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