[Bf-committers] RC1 of VRML exporter

Bart bart at neeneenee.de
Fri Mar 18 10:08:37 CET 2005

Hey, great thanx will drop you a line!

joeedh wrote:
> Bart wrote:
>> Ok,
>> checked again some features and it seems anything goes well. Added 
>> transaltion values to the transform so position of the mesh is not 
>> defined by verteices.
>> Now will turn that into a x3d exporter too and writing help pages.
>> Aims for the next version are:
>> - support for video texture if the image textur has the extension mov,
>>     ram, qt, avi, divx, mpg, mpg4 etc.
>> - Multitexture and blending modes for X3D
>> - TextureTransform using face modes Tile and the
>>     repeat option on textures
>> - export of animationen using keys of the IPO and animation length
>> - DEF and USE for meshes
>> - creating group nodes using "Make Parent"
>> I'm not a native speaker so it would be great when the help pages are 
>> ready somebody can check for bad expresion etc.
> Well, I've never used VRML/X3D, but I think that would you're doing is 
> pretty cool!
> oh, and I can look over the help pages, too.  You can use this email 
> address, and just email them to me and I'll look over it for obvious 
> mistakes (not that I'm some expert, I just speak english natively).
> joeedh
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