[Bf-committers] Re: Code?

Melchior FRANZ mfranz at aon.at
Fri Mar 18 08:38:47 CET 2005

* Austin Benesh -- Friday 18 March 2005 03:52:
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am noticing some screwed up things in the
> code.

You should consider to read some documentation about "cvs". If you make local
changes, and then "cvs update", then cvs tries to merge the changes from the
repository into your locally changed files. Most of the time this works. But
sometimes there are conflicts that cvs can't resolve. This is marked like so:

  <<<<<<< filename
  >>>>>>> 1.15

whereby you had written "foo" in one line, and cvs would like to replace that
by "bar", but didn't dare to. It's up to you to decide which part should survive.
The marks have been chosen carefully. They are a syntax error in any programming
language and always cause an error message, so that you don't easily miss them.
You can make your life easier if you use this ~/.cvsrc config file:

  $ cat ~/.cvsrc
  cvs -z3 -q
  diff -up
  update -dP
  checkout -P
  rdiff -u

especially the "-q" part of it. I reduces the output to things that matter, and
you see from the first letter, if cvs is patching a local file (P), or replacing
or newly creating (U), or if it failed to patch it (C). In the latter case, you'll
likely find one of those "<<<<<<<" in the file. Also using a wrapper like "colorcvs"
can help. It colorizes the cvs output while updating. Red lines mean problems.
The script is from the KDE project, and is available here:
http://members.aon.at/mfranz/cvstools.tar.gz [16 kB] (There are a few other nice
scripts in there, too, such as "cvslastlog", "cvslastchange", "cvsrevertlast", etc.)

> Who the heck is doing this?

I hate to say it, but: it was you (or rather cvs on your request).


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